2007-02-12 News
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Nifty Corners Cube

Folks, the Nifty Corners Cube™ utility has been installed. This makes some of the boxes round, and has some impact on the layout of this site.

Specifically, round <div> layers don't work well if there is a border, and that JavaScript must be enabled for this to work. JavaScript functions are used to render the corners dynamically.


The reason to install Nifty Corners Cube™ is to help break up the monotonous layout of certain pages with many boxes, such as image galleries or blog/news entries of the front page.

Note to Editors

At this point, unless <gallery> tags are used, or if you specifically assign "Round" class to your <div> code (as seen in the gray box at the end of this document), nothing will be rendered with rounded corners.

Note that, the layers for gallery thumbnails will all be the same height as the largest one. This height is based on the orientation of the pictures in the gallery and the amount of comments you've added.

If you'd like to add more classes, or access different sizes of rounded corners, please contact User:WebPuchu.


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