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Rez is a shooting game that combines trance/electronic music and sound samples into its game play.

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Developer United Game Artists
Web site (mirror)

Platform Xbox 360, Dreamcast, Playstation 2
Cost Y6800 or $10.00 (Xbox 360)
ESRB Rating EVERYONE, with mild violence.

Rez starts with simple tones and beats at beginning of each level. Other than the feedback for locking onto targets, and the hum as your weapons fire, all is tranquil. Instead of explosions and laser zaps, you can hear guitar cord or choir singing responding to your attacks. Shooting down multiple targets, or enter new sections of each level, the music start to include more instrument and effects. Finally, as player successfully access all 10 layers in a given stage, the music is fully unleashed as tention builds up for the boss fight.

This journeying from simple to complex aural and visual experiences is what makes Rez a unique game. As a shooting game on rails, the enemy patterns and attacks are not particularly difficult for anyone who has completed a shooting game before. However, I don't believe this games was ever meant to stress your reflexes constantly.

Your job is to travel, discover and destroy a virus. Throughout the missions you can collect upgrades that will transform your character from a tiny blob into various shapes, each with different attack sound effects. For example, there are forms that look like a man and a meditating monk. It follows the pattern of going from small to being enlightened. Interestly enough the final and most powerful form is a baby.

Stages are made up of stylized flat surfaces, with some influence of ancient civilizations. You can see recognizable ancient structures, and as you enter each layer the previous layer collapses into the new setting. Each layer has distinctive and interesting shades of color, and if you play the "Beyond" mode you get to experience more color schemes that are just psychedelic and fun.

Rez is not something that can be described fully without some visual aide, but even with images, it only shows less than half of the experience. You have to see it in motion, and hear it in person. Screen captures and graphics for Rez are sourced from the official fan site kit.

Game Mechanics and Controls

  • Hold down the shoot button to lock up to 8 targets. The controls are simple for this 2-button shooting game.

Excellent Ideas

  • Graphics that fully integrates with music, makes this game very relaxing and enjoyable.
  • The visual presentation maintains a refreshing, unique and stylish look of many architecture and objects that are familiar with real-world locations and devices.
  • The audio and video postprocessing options, plus high-definition graphics and multi-channel audio make the 360 version easily the best Rez to own.


  • Unfortunately for Dreamcast owners, Sega did not release this game in the United States. It's a shame, so you'll have to buy the PS2 or imported version.

Other Notes

  • RezHD is now available on Xbox 360. There are a few audio/visual upgrades, but none of them change the core mechanics of the game. However, the price of 800 points ($10) is very very good.
  • With the PS2 version, there is an add-on called the "Trance Vibrator." Yep, it's supposed to go under your feet...
  • Shown below are the graphics of your avatar as he evolves up to the second-to-final form, as well as the promotional banner (to show my support!):

Image:Rez_level_00.gif Image:Rez_level_01.gif Image:Rez_level_02.gif Image:Rez_level_03.gif Image:Rez_level_04.gif Image:Rez_level_05.gif


Additional Screen Shots


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