GDB Commands Jumpstart
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Flow Control

n execute next function
s step into function
si step instruction
fin step out of function
c continue
run ? start running program with arguments
bt print backtrace of stack frames
frame ?/up/down switch stack frames
thread ? inspect specified thread


break ? set breakpoint
dis break ? disable breakpoint
enable break ? enable disabled breakpoint
info break list breakpoints
delete break ? delete breakpoint

set value 0xd to a memory address replaces the instruction with a breakpoint.

Watch/Examine Variables

p ? print value of variable
whatis ? show type of variable
ptype ? print variable structure
set print pretty on print variables one per line, easier to read
display ? print value of variable automatically when a breakpoint is hit
dis display ? disable watching variable
enable display ? enable disabled variable watching
info display list variables being watched
delete display ? delete watched variable
x/? ? dump specified amount of memory at address
(gdb) x/16x 0xbfbf06ac
0xbfbf06ac:	0x08496b13	0x0963e848	0x00000000	0x088d5dcf
0xbfbf06bc:	0x0000008f	0x088d5d0c	0x088d5dcf	0x088b4401
0xbfbf06cc:	0x088d5d0c	0x097b5e38	0x082716b0	0xb34d94f8
0xbfbf06dc:	0xb7c1d3e1	0xbfbf0718	0xb7c214f0	0xb7cfe160
info reg dump register values
disas ? ? disassembles between address ranges

Other commands that may be useful: info args, info frame, info local, and info threads.

Access Memory

mem ? ? ro 32 define read-only memory region between two addresses using 32-bit memory access
dis mem ? disable memory region
enable mem ? enable disabled memory region
info mem list defined memory regions
delete mem ? delete defined memory region
dump ihex filename ? ? dump memory to file in Intel hex format
dump binary filename ? dump expression to file in binary format


  • To ignore SIGPIPE: handle SIGPIPE nostop noprint pass.
  • Remote debugging by executing gdbserver x.x.x.x:xxxx ..., and connect with command target remote x.x.x.x:xxxx. Since program is already running, use continue instead of run.
  • If library symbols are missing, use set solib-search-path ... or set solib-absolute-prefix ... to load symbols from target.
  • If backtrace isn't going back as far as you like, try set heuristic-fence-post 100000.
  • Older versions of gdb is useless when debugging multi-threaded application. 6.8 seems to work well?



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